Studio booking

Yes you can! We recommend you contact us via phone or at our reception. You can prepare by figuring out the date, time and estimated amount of attendants for the booking before contacting us!

The price of the studio booking depends on which studio you are booking, whether the booking is during a weekday or on a weekend and at what time the booking would be due. Find out more by calling our reception phone!

Yes! The studio bookings for training use are included in the membership fee. You can do it by downloading our app and choosing “facilities” from the front page after you’ve logged in.

All our members should make a keycard purchase from our reception to arrange their access to the studio outside of reception hours.

Attending classes

The check-in system is very important to avoid your account getting locked. You can handle the check-in by the tablet placed close to the front door. If you need any assistance, please contact our staff at the reception.

Class bookings made with a drop-in ticket / 10 time pass that are cancelled on time will create a credit to your Bongos account. This credit can be used for future class bookings.

Of course! The choreographies are usually taught for 1-3 weeks at a time. This depends on the teacher and the choreo at hand. You are more than welcome to join our classes at any given time. The teachers will go through the choreo from the top during round 2 (and a possible round 3). The pace will be quicker, but it is totally possible to keep up despite this.

By following us on Instagram, you are able to keep up with the rounds of the classes and get the most up to date information!

Free trials

You can activate a free trial for your preferred membership on our website. The duration of the free trial is 14 days.

After the free trial, if you wish to continue with a membership, you’ll need to activate it on our website / using our app.


Yes you can. You can pay your 10 time passes and memberships with the above mentioned payment methods. Unfortunately the drop-in tickets can not be paid with them.

You can do so by making the payment using the company’s app and showing the transaction at the reception / sending a screenshot of it. The amount you pay can be anything you like. After this, we’ll add the amount you paid to your account. The payments will be automatically charged from your account balance for as long as there is balance to be charged from.

Our memberships are automatically charged in monthly cycles. If your card is charged for example on 02/03/2024, you are paying for the upcoming month and the next payment will be due on 02/04/2024.

A pause will postpone your membership’s next payment date for as many days as the pause’s duration is. So for example, if your membership payment is due 03/03/2024, a 10 day pause will postpone the due date so that the new date would be 13/03/2024.


Yes you are! You can do it by contacting us via phone or at the reception desk. We can do it by adding a “next membership” to your account or change it instantly and make a custom charge to your account.

Reason 1: Your membership is locked due to 3 class bookings that have not been cancelled / checked in for. Remember to check in to the classes or cancel them in time (6h before the class at the latest) in the future to avoid this issue! Call our reception phone / visit the studio so the staff can help you out.

Reason 2: Your membership payment is at an overdue state. Make sure your payment card has the funds needed for the automatic charge. After this, the issue will resolve itself approximately in a day, but you can contact us to manually charge the payment sooner.

Yes you can. The pausing can be done for reasons like long travels etc. A membership can be paused for a requested fixed period from 1 week up to 6 months. The duration of a pause can be modified afterwards.

You can send your membership pause / cancellation requests to the following address:

Remember that the request for cancellation needs to happen 3 days before the membership renews if you wish to cancel it before the upcoming membership cycle!

10 time passes and drop-in tickets

The 10 time passes are meant to be used for one of the following levels: Beginners, Open, Intermediate / Advanced. If you’re trying to book outside of your 10 time pass’ level, it will not work. If this is not the case, please contact us and we will help you out.

The 10 time passes are valid for 2 months after the purchase.