Dance Free Trial

0,00  inc. vat 10 % / month

  • Access to All Beginners-, Intermediate-, and Advanced level dance classes
  • Social Dance Practices for Free
  • Bookings for Free Practice times
  • -50% Discount from Weekly Social Events of Bongos


Dance Membership is suitable for a person who wants to enjoy the World of Dancing. We have three different kind of plans, where you can choose most suitable for you: Dance for Beginners, Dancer for Intermediate & Advanced level Dancers and exclusive one with the Personal Training Included. Depending on the plan you have: get access to diverse selection of different dance styles and levels to enjoy to the fullest. Our passionate Dance instructors are in your use to share everything they know about the dance style/s they are specialized in. Let’s dance!

**Minimum duration for a membership is 2 months, after that you can cancel it any time.

All the Membership plans include 14 days of Free Trial Period. Let’s get know each other first and see if there could be possibilities for common future.