Bongos Dance and Training Studio

Terms and conditions (2024)

Valid starting from 30th of April 2024

Bongos Oy  (later “B”) has drafted these terms and conditions to protect and define the relationship between B and its customers. All terms in this document are to be fulfilled in good faith and intent. Violation of the terms and conditions can be considered a reason for termination of agreement.


Following terms and conditions will be applied in agreement (“Bongos Dance and Training Studio Customer Contract”) between the person mentioned (“Customer”) and Bongos Oy. These terms and conditions are an essential part of a customer contract. Besides the customer contract, the client is also bound to other special terms and conditions which are applied in other services or campaigns.

Eligibility to become a Customer

  1. age of 18 years or more, (check 1.6 for underage customers)
  2. who has a good general state of health and who is not in B’s understanding in evident danger of health and/or injury. 
  3. who doesn’t have any debt regarding earlier customer relationship with B
  4. who hasn’t gotten a ban before from Bongos services.
  5. who hasn’t been neglecting the terms and conditions in earlier agreements with B.
  6. under 18 years of age can join as a client of B with parents’ or caretakers’ consent. Parent or caretaker is legally responsible for everything related to the customer relationship and payments.
  7. B offers its customers to use a customer access card, which is property of B and to be used only for customer’s personal use. It is prohibited to lend this card or give it to any third party. In the termination of Membership, the card needs to be returned to the studio reception immediately.


  1. Validity
    1. Membership is valid from the purchase date and acceptance of terms and conditions.
    2. Membership is personal and it can not be transferred or used by anybody else than the member itself.
  2. Purchasing a membership
    1. When purchasing a new membership, the customer commits to having an active membership for a fixed period of two months. 
    2. After the above-mentioned 2-month period, the memberships will be active indefinitely until the customer requests to cancel the membership or it is cancelled for some other reason by B. 
    3. All the memberships include an access card to the studio and the member customers will receive it during their first visit to the studio. In a case if a customer loses the key card, they are responsible to buy a new one with (15€) production fee. 
  3. Upgrading or downgrading a Membership
    1. Members can upgrade their membership any time to be able to access more services and benefits according to the available selection. Upgrade will take place immediately. And the monetary difference between memberships will be charged at the same time.
    2. Members can downgrade their membership and changes will apply starting from the next billing cycle.
  4. Pricing of a membership
    1. The pricing of the memberships is calculated so that it includes 365 days a year. This includes the time periods when there are no “weekly services” such as dance classes. During the mentioned time periods the customer is still capable to eg. book studios for the customer’s own training purposes if such services are included in the membership or to use the gym for example. 
    2. The pricing of a membership can be changed by B during the contract period with one-sided notification to the customer. This will be done at least 2 months in advance. The notification can be given via email, text message or other outlet of B. 
  5. Membership payments
    1. The length of a membership cycle is a month. If the customer makes a membership purchase on the e.g. 20th of January, the next payment will be due on the 20th of February. 
    2. Membership payments are automatically charged monthly from the card the customer has added to the Bongos account. 
    3. If the customer’s membership payment is overdue for more than 7 days, the membership can be cancelled by B due to inactivity. 
  6. Pausing a membership
    1. A membership can be paused for a requested fixed period from 7 days up to 30 days. The duration of a pause can be modified afterwards based on the customer’s request and the company’s representative’s evaluation. 
    2. A membership cannot be paused indefinitely. 
    3. Pausing a membership is meant to be used in special occasions such as travels abroad or in Finland for a longer time period, incase of medical reasons or injuries or other justified reason and the decision on these situations is to be done by the company’s representative based on evaluation. B reserves the right to ask for proof of need for the requested pause, such as a copy of the travel tickets or doctor’s certificate.
  7. Cancellation of a membership
    1. The memberships can be cancelled after the above mentioned 2 month period (section 1.1). This can be done by one-sided notification (email to by the customer. 
    2. Notification about the membership cancellation given by the customer needs to be done 3 days before the next membership cycle’s due date. If the notification isn’t done in time, B can deny a refund request for the already charged membership cycle. 

10 time passes and drop-in tickets

  1. Validity
    1. A ten time pass is valid for 10 weeks from the date of purchase. 
    2. A ten time pass is personal and it can not be transferred or used by any other than the user itself.
  2. Purchasing a 10 time pass
    1. 10 time passes can be purchased and used for the following levels: Beginners, Open Level/Improvers, Intermediate/Advanced. 
  1. Purchasing a drop-in ticket
    1. Drop-in tickets can be purchased for dance and training classes as well as gym use. 
    2. Drop-in tickets can be purchased for the following levels: Beginners, Open Level/Improvers, Intermediate/Advanced.
  2. Cancelling a class booked with a drop-in ticket/10 time pass
    1. Class bookings made with a drop-in ticket/10 time pass that are cancelled on time will create a credit to the customer’s Bongos account. This credit can be used for future class bookings. 

Class and studio bookings

  1. Booking a class and check-in
    1. The customer is able to book a class using the Bongos app or on the Bongos website. 
    2. If the class is full, the customer will be waitlisted. If the customer gets access from the waitlist to the class less than 6 hours before the class, the booking can not be cancelled. 
    3. The customer is responsible for checking into the class using a tablet by the entrance door. Three (3) booked (and not cancelled) classes that are not checked into, will lead to the customer’s membership being locked for a week. 
  2. Cancelling a class booking
    1. A booked class can be cancelled 6 hours before the booking is due at the latest.
      1. When the booking is made with a 10 time pass or some other single ticket purchase, an on time cancellation will automatically create a credit to the customer’s account which can be used for future bookings.
        1. In this scenario monetary refunds are excluded.
      2. Credits will not be granted for late cancellations unless there is a justified reason for it (such as flu, injury or other – a doctor’s certificate is required). 
      3. If a class is cancelled by B, the notification about it will be given to the customer via Bongos app push notifications 6 hours before the class is due at the latest. If the mobile application isn’t installed, the notification will be given via email. 
    2. All within 6 hours cancellations should be made via email ( and we would hope you to do so, this way you can free your unused spot for others.
  3. Booking a studio
    1. The customer is able to book facilities for personal training use or professional and commercial use via the Bongos app or on the Bongos website.
    2. Bookings for training purposes
      1. The person who has booked the space is responsible for the group and following the ‘Studio booking guidelines’.
      2. Membership bookings are included in the membership fee.
        1. This type of bookings are limited to member users only, meaning everyone taking part of the training needs to have an active Membership in B. 
        2. In case of non-members taking part of the training, booking must be made with ‘Studio Bookings for Training use’ price.
          1. In case of violation of this requirement, B reserves the right to immediately charge the ‘Training use’ fee from the person responsible for the booking. Transaction will be processed from the payment card attached to Bongos Account. 
          2. In addition, a ‘Violation Warning’ can be given and from the second violation the user will be issued a 30-day booking ban as penalty.
        3. Cancellation of a studio booking is possible via Bongos App up to 6 hours prior to the start of the booking. Late cancellation requests must be done by sending an email to customer support (
          1. In case of ‘No-show’ on an uncancelled booking, B reserves the right to immediately charge the sum equivalent to the ‘Training use’ fee for the booked studio in question.
      3. For other clients than members, bookings for training purposes are to be done with ‘Studio booking credits’ that you can buy from B’s app. 
    3. Bookings for professional and commercial use
      1. Private classes with instructors, weekly classes, workshops and events
      2. Bookings can be made with the current pricing (can be found from the Bongos app or on the Bongos website).
  4. Liabilities and damages
    1. By booking a studio, the customer commits to being responsible for all activity during the booked period and is liable to compensate B if there are damages from the use.
      1. Liability encompasses the space (floor surface, windows, doors etc.) as well as the devices that are located in the space (lights, speakers etc.). 
      2. The space is to be left in at least as clean a state as it was when the booking began. The studio equipment such as speakers, lights, camera stands etc need to be left to their original place.
        1. In case of violation of requirements stated in 4.1.1. and-/or 4.1.2. , B reserves the right to immediately custom charge the ‘Penalty fee’ from the person responsible for the booking. Transaction will be processed from the payment card attached to Bongos Account.
        1. Penalty fees: 
  • 5 euros, equipment relocation 
  • 10 euros, cleaning fee or lights-/AC left on 
  • Disabling the studio booking option, if windows-/doors are left open
  1. The customer needs to ensure access to the Studio if the booking is at a time when the Studio’s reception isn’t open. This is by ordering a keycard or contacting the customer support ( if access to the studio isn’t clear. 
  2. Cancelling a studio booking
    1. A booked studio can be cancelled via the Bongos Studio app 6 hours prior to the start of the booking. A cancelled studio booking will not be refunded, but a ‘Studio booking credit’ will be added to the customer’s Bongos account and can be used for future bookings. 

Respect to others and the Studio

  1. No form of discrimination or harassment will be tolerated when using B’s services.
    1. If you experience or witness this sort of behaviour, please contact the staff at the Studio or you can report it via email
  2. By using B’s services, the customer commits to respecting the different facilities of the Studio by attending to the general cleanliness of the space.
    1. This includes all the studios, the gym area as well as other areas such as the lobby. 

Customer identification

  1. Information to be added to the customer’s Bongos account
    (so that the services by B can be provided):
    1. Name
    2. Date of birth
    3. An identifiable profile picture
    4. Home address
    5. For members and otherwise optional: payment card for automatic, monthly membership payments/other payments the client agrees on. 
  2. Purpose of the data gathering
    1. The data is needed so that the customers can be identified: name, date of birth (product price groups are age based), an identifiable profile picture so that the services are not misused, home address for possible billing purposes. 
  3. Identification at the studio
    1. Every customer needs to show their ID once at the reception desk for identification purposes. 


  1. Agreement on videography/photography
    1. By using the Studio’s services, the customer consents to being videographed or photographed on classes or the Studio’s other facilities.
      1. These photographs/videos can be published on the Studio’s social media, website or its marketing materials. 
      2. If the customer is not willing to be shown on these types of videos / photographs, it is the customer’s responsibility to remove themselves from the situation.


  1. The customer commits to being responsible for all their activity when using the Studio’s services and is liable to compensate B if there are damages from the said activity.
    1. Liability encompasses the space (floor surface, windows, doors etc.) as well as the devices that are located in the space (lights, speakers etc.). 
    2. For more information on Studio Booking liability, check “Studio and class bookings”. 
  2. In a case where there are damages (personal / material) that occur due to the cause of
    1. The customer: they are responsible to cover the damages. 
    2. B: the company is responsible to cover the damages. B has a liability insurance that can cover possible damage expenses. 
  3. If you have questions about the company’s liability/insurance policies, please contact

Surveillance and Security

  1. There is video surveillance in the facilities at the Studio.
    This is to/for:
    1. Prevent criminal acts and possibly solving them
    2. Studying the cause and effect of possible accidents 
    3. Overall security purposes